Zeigler ( Choobi ) carpets were originally made in Persia by order of an Austrian carpet dealer in early 1900s, but a limited quantity was produced and production stopped.

When Afghans escaped the civil war and arrived in Peshawar in the 1990s they started weaving different types of tribal carpets as they were doing in Afghanistan, but one family came with and idea to reproduce Zeigler carpets, they used fine sheep wool from Afghanistan and gave it natural dye and wove a piece of Zeigler carpet and it came out very well and was sold to a carpet dealer and the carpet was nearly similar to the original old Zeigler, the dealer who bought that piece of carpet was happy and encouraged that family to continue weaving the same sort of carpets.

As the family continued reproducing the Ziegler, within one year many other carpet weavers found out about this production and started weaving Zeigler style carpets, now that most of the carpet weavers have gone back to Afghanistan they continued weaving Zeigler and it is being exported almost to all over the world.